Russell Westbrook Intends to ‘Become a Billionaire Sooner Than Later’

Russell Westbrook Intends to ‘Become a Billionaire Sooner Than Later’

Russell Westbrook Intends to ‘Become a Billionaire Sooner Than Later’

NBA player, Russell Westbrook has aspirations as a businessman. He wants “be a billionaire sooner than later.”

In an exclusive discussion with Forbes, the Los Angeles Clippers point guard wants to join the company of fellow athletes, LeBron James and Tiger Woods, and former player, Michael Jordan in becoming a billionaire. He is a little more than a third of the way there as the media outlet estimates his net worth is currently at $375 million.

He is chasing a status that has eluded everyone that has entrepreneurial aspirations after and during their sports careers. As previously mentioned, only three have surpassed that high mark but he doesn’t want it to stay at that number. He has a mentality that has worked in his favor during his playing years that he intends to live by when it comes to his business acumen.

“My mantra is ‘Why not?’ I live by that,” Westbrook states. “It took 75 years for somebody to average a triple-double. Well, I did it four times.”

His current salary afforded him the chance to make the Forbes World’s Highest-Paid Athletes list at number 14. He is the fourth highest-paid basketball player behind James, Stephen Curry, and former teammate, Kevin Durant. Out of an estimated $82.1 million he pulled in over the last 12 months, $35 million stems from endorsements.

He is in the process of growing his entity, Russell Westbrook Enterprises (RWE), which he started three years ago. He is heavily involved in the businesses he is involved with off the court. when he isn’t guiding his basketball team on the court, he is driving the point of his company according to one of his business partners. “He is intimately involved in every transaction. I am amazed at how much he participates in all decisions.”

His company already has clients as diverse as AT&T, Nike, PepsiCo, American Airlines, Varo Bank, and A+E Networks. The Clippers playmaker anticipates RW Digital (which is his recently launched digital advertising business created to help brands reach diverse audiences) to bring in $37 million in revenue this year.

With his eyes on reaching that financial high point, he knows he has his work cut out for him.

“It’s what I want to be,” Westbrook says. “In the business realm, that is a pinnacle that people where I come from don’t make it to.”

With his playing days nearly its completion, Westbrook is ready to lead his business team down that financial court of success.

Russell Westbrook Intends to ‘Become a Billionaire Sooner Than Later’

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