Sandra Evers-Manly Releases Book, 'Raised Up by Mrs. Manly & Her L's'

Sandra Evers-Manly Releases Book, ‘Raised Up by Mrs. Manly & Her L’s’

Sandra Evers-Manly Releases Book, 'Raised Up by Mrs. Manly & Her L's'

Using one-word lessons starting with the letter “L” such as love, lean, lift and laugh, “Raised Up by Mrs. Manly & Her L’s” (, hardcover, $21.95) is a new non-fiction, inspirational title that shares life lessons for raising caring, confident children based on the life examples Mama Manly used to raise her own family.

Written by first-time author and ‘socialpreneur’ Sandra Evers-Manly, Mrs. Manly’s L’s is a simple telling of well-worn teachings of motherly influence and positivity, serving as a universal guide for youngsters and grown ups alike for daily living and caring for your fellow man.

“Our mother taught us valuable life lessons using words that begin with the letter ‘L. From lifting others up and not tearing them down; to leading; living life to the fullest, leaving a legacy; and finding time to laugh – all of her lessons can be applied to both adults and children, serving as reminders that we need to care for one another to create a better society,” said Evers-Manly, who hopes the book will shine a spotlight on the long-lost traditions of basic kindness, community-building and love, which are much-needed today, while extending the indelible imprint left by Mrs. Manly for generations to come.

Mrs. Manly’s L’s is a simple guide for timeless truths for all ages, makes a great addition to any literary collection, and is a must-have for families, community organizations, churches, libraries, educators, after-school programs, and anyone that needs to be lifted.

An ardent philanthropist and way-maker Sandra Evers-Manly has lived her life purposefully ready to make a difference in the lives of others. Her passion for under-recognized causes has led her to channel her time and resources with lasting impact. Nationally recognized for her commitment to community, diversity and the arts, Sandra has maintained a strong focus on young people, encouraging them to get excited about education and the opportunity to excel. Now a first-time author, Evers-Manly has turned her life-long story-telling of her mother’s favorite words using the letter “L” into a new, non-fiction book that recounts the daily lessons that shaped how she lives today. “Raised Up by Mrs. Manly & Her L’s” is written by Sandra Evers-Manly with illustrations by Wendell Wiggins. Released: 11/11/18. Categories: Self Help/Family / Relationship / Non-Fiction / Children-Teen-Adult / Positive Image. Publisher: SEM Publishing House (Facebook @SEMPubHouse Instagram @sempubhouse Twitter @sempubhouse)

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