SB 'Words I Hear'

SB ‘Words I Hear’


Houston rapper SB brings the Flint water disaster back to the forefront on new promo single “Words I Hear”

“Words I Hear” is the first new music in a year from SB as he prepares to release his new album “Land of Black Gold” this Fall

Houston rapper SB returns with his blistering new single “Words I Hear” which dives deep into the Flint water crisis which began in 2014.

“This is sugar up in yo water
Maybe lead all up in yo water
You got governors doing cover ups
Is we still talking ’bout water?”
– SB “Words I Hear”

Read the full lyrics and annotations from SB on Genius. The song, produced by Soulection member AbJo, is the first new music from SB and the first glimpse at the sounds fans can expect to hear on SB’s upcoming album ‘Land of Black Gold.’

SB on “Words I Hear”:

“It’s been two years since I first came across the Flint Water Disaster story and three years since the news first broke on the internet. The little progress that has occurred pales in comparison to the enormity of the situation, which as a practical matter is about life and death. The water for the most part is still toxic, residents are in danger of losing their homes due to foreclosure for unpaid water bills for lead-filled water. I chose to speak on Flint (in addition to how black people are portrayed through the media in general) because I felt it was my artistic duty to bring the topic back into our daily conversation. I realize that in this era of social media, issues arise; we get riled up, speak our minds for a little while and move on. However, this is a story we should all be concerned about. It’s not one that’s developing, its still happening.”


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