Sean Lampkin, Who Played Nipsey on the Sitcom, 'Martin’ Actor Passes Away At 54

Sean Lampkin, Who Played Nipsey on the Sitcom, ‘Martin’ Actor Passes Away At 54

An actor who appeared on the television sitcom, Martin has recently passed away.

According to Deadline, Sean Lampkin, who is best known as Nipsey the bar owner in Martin Lawrences sitcom has reportedly died less than two weeks ago. He was 54 years old. A relative of his posted that the actor died in his sleep.

The news came by way of Lampkin’s friend, Marsel Watts, who posted the tragic news on her Facebook page. She stated that he was a roommate of hers for 10 years, and had roles in several of Lawrence’s movies. She mentioned he was the pest control man in the Bad Boys movie, had the role of a cab driver in Big Momma’s House, and was the shooter in the prion film, Life.

“My friend, my last roommate for 10 years, a father and family man, my brother, skate buddy, business partner, and trainer passed away this morning. RIP Sean Lampkin. BKA as Nipsey the bartender on Martin, The pest control man in Bad Boys, the cab driver in Big Mamas House and the shooter in Life,” she typed. ” He was a black belt in karate too. He worked for Martin Lawrence for decades as his right hand man. No Martin without Sean. When Sean would come by my house to get clothing that I sold him he’d have Martin in the car waiting. He’d be like Martin say hi to Marsel.”

The post has since been deleted.

Lampkin’s cousin, Memnar Grayton, also took to Facebook to confirm and acknowledge that he had recently passed away.

“This special day is dedicated to my cousin, Elmore Sean Lampkin who passed in his sleep at his home earlier this morning on March 8, 2023. So allow me to introduce my cousin, Elmore Sean Lampkin to the Pearly Gates of Heaven. Angel Elmore Sean Lampkin the gates are open for you now. Walk in peace, my cousin, my friend, and my loved one, God awaits your presence in Jesus’ name, Amen
PS I love you, Elmore Sean Lampkin 🙏❤️

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