Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Gets Publicly Blasted by Son, Christian As he Discloses Real Character of Abusive Father

Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Gets Publicly Blasted by Son Christian As he Discloses Real Character of Abusive Father

It looks like Family Matters is not a favorite television show in the Herschel Walker household.

For some unknown reason, the very conservative son of Herschel, Christian Walker, who is also a Tik Tok star has turned the tables on his father, who is vying for a seat in the Senate.

Christian took to his Twitter account to slam his father on Monday night. He has stated that he is done dealing with his father and his past which has been revealed through social media and the news media. Stating that the family asked him not to run for political office, he went against their wishes and now his sordid past is creeping up on him and being played out publicly.

The very outspoken Christian lambasted his father on the “values” he claims to be running on after not having any during his upbringing. He started to air even more dirty laundry by revealing the threats the former athlete made against his family as well as his penchant for “banging” a bunch of women.

He then takes to video to express his disappointment and to dispute the “values” his father claims to run on.

The former NFL player is running against Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in the upcoming fall election. As the numbers are tilting back and forth between the candidates, a scheduled debate was expected to possibly help Warnock run away with the race. Walker has gone on record to state that he didn’t expect to do well versus his Democratic opponent.

“I’m a country boy. I’m not that smart. He’s a preacher. (Warnock) is smart and wears these nice suits. So, he is going to show up and embarrass me at the debate on Oct. 14, and I’m just waiting to show up and I will do my best.”

The Oct. 14 debate is scheduled to take place at Plant Riverside, Savannah, Georgia’s entertainment district, and will air on local television networks throughout the state, including Fox 5 in Atlanta.

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