Serena Williams’ Coach States the Tennis Great Won't Retire 'Until she at Least Wins a Grand Slam'

Serena Williams Joins Blockchain Company Sorare to Assist in the World of Sports

Serena Williams Joins Sorare to Assist in the World of Sports

Tennis champion Serena Williams continues to make moves off the tennis court to solidify her business portfolio.

Sorare has just announced that the popular tennis player has joined the company as a Board Advisor. Sorare is a blockchain fantasy football game that runs on Ethereum. The platform uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to tokenize players as crypto-collectibles in the form of digital trading cards.

Williams will provide recommendations to the board on a range of topics, which will include developing the company’s relationship with athletes around the world and giving advice on Sorare’s strategies to extend the company into new sports categories including women’s sports. She also will have an impact on future initiatives for making Web3 more inclusive and diverse.

With her expertise in helping build brands and businesses, Williams will help grow the company as Sorare attracts new athletes players and onboards new teams and leagues across sports categories and geographies.

Williams told Forbes that she made a personal investment in Sorare as opposed to doing so through her own venture capital firm, Serena Ventures.

“I actually was introduced to Sorare through my husband,” said Williams about Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, who invested in Sorare as part of its $50 million series A round in February 2021. “Sorare does more than just collectibles. They deliver meaningful interactions between users and their favorite teams or players, which I thought was different.”

Williams sees what the future holds as far as the world of crypto applications for tennis.

​​”When we think of web3 and we think of crypto: that’s going to be the biggest space for the next several years in terms of growth,” Williams said.

Serena Williams Joins Sorare to Assist in the World of Sports

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