Skye Morales - New One

Skye Morales – New One


SKYE MORALES: The Heir to Atlanta RnB


Artist: Skye Morales
Release Date: September 11, 2017
Produced by: WLPWR
Written by: Al Sherrod “A-Rod” Lambert
Label/Management: Gray Matter CollectiveSynopsis:
Skye Morales has released her debut single, New One, which is a coming of age R&B tune for the 19-year-old heir of R&B music. New One is an end of the summer anthem, which tells the story of a girl letting go of her old guy for her New One, who is upgraded in all the right ways. In the video, Skye sees her old boyfriend out, and catches his attention while he is with his new girlfriend (her ex-friend)…Little does he know she has left them both in the past and is more than happy with her New One.

Social Media:
Instagram – @SkyeMorales





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