SkyyHook: ‘Hip Hop is a Blood Sport, Not Everyone is Supposed to Make it Out of the Arena’

Skyyhook-radio-it-needs-to-be-cedI think there are too many people “reporting” news who don’t bother to learn the actual art of journalism. They are so quick to post something just to post it…that they don’t run down any leads. They don’t fact check anything. They just say things. Those things get repeated so often that it creates fake footprints on the internet for the story. So, when people actually try to do their due diligence for a story by checking it out…it can actually look valid. But in fact the story is really just hot garbage. Now, this tall tale that everyone thinks is a diamond is really just a big old cubic zirconia in a nice setting. It’s not fair to those in the entertainment industry that are being written about. People should at the very least, learn to use words like allegedly or supposedly. Give folks the benefit of the doubt you know?

As I previously mentioned, you have several job titles, what do you do and how do you function between being so versatile?

(Laughter) It might be easier to ask what I don’t do at this point! Well, let’s see currently I’m; A writer for, WatchLoud and Sway‘s Universe, I’m an on air personality for Sirius XM Shade45’s “The Wake Up Show” and I own and host shows on a 24/7 internet radio station called Skyyhook Radio, I’m the Chief Operating Officer of DJ Revolution’s new label under Sony called ATW Recordings, I host showcases and concerts, I do a number of panels throughout the year, I’m an A&R for King Tech over with SMH Records and I just got asked to be a part of the executive team for Sway’s new clothing line with a 15-year-old designer called FLVR By Jordana and that title is still to be determined! I’m all over the place!

As far as how I function…(laughter)  I’m still not really sure! I just try to schedule my days in such a way that doesn’t have all of those things colliding too often. You have to be pretty rigid with your time and oftentimes you miss out on sleep and meals to get stuff done. There are times I look out the window and think I should run up to the store really quick. But by the time I look back out of the window again, the stars are out! I try really hard to follow through as fast as I can so that I can keep pushing to the next goal. But I must be honest…I love the challenge of it all. As a creative, you can oftentimes get bored pretty easily. I don’t have time to get bored with all of this!

What are your thoughts on The Business of Hip-Hop, in terms of what is happening now and what the future holds from your perspective?

I was happy recently to see this pendulum finally swing back in favor of lyricism. But I think more needs to be done. It could be better. I’m over this phase of everyone gets a trophy. It’s like huh? Hip Hop is a blood sport, not everyone is supposed to make it out of the arena, so seeing people starting to focus on the skill is important. I think it’s key to saving this whole thing from completely collapsing on itself. Remember, there are a whole slew of rock guys who never dreamed the rug would be snatched from underneath their feet. But it was…and in favor of Hip Hop. If we’re not careful, the same thing could happen to us. We must bring things back in house and remember what this whole thing was about in the first place. The younger kids aren’t being exposed to the actual culture and that’s our fault. We gotta do better with that too.

Let’s talk about Skyyhook Radio. How long has it been in existence, how do you keep it going and what future plans do you have concerning it?

Skyyhook Radio is my baby! It’s been on the air for 5 years this month. And the future plans are ridiculous! I can’t say a whole lot just yet, but I recently stepped down as General Manager of the station after accepting the C.O.O. gig with Revolution. I’m in the process of turning that role over to Jarobi from A Tribe Called Quest and he has some crazy dope ideas for where he wants to take the station next! He’s been with the station for 4 years already and I know he won’t let us look too wild out here! We also just changed the format to 85% Throwback Hip Hop and RNB with the remaining 15% being indie submissions.This was all needed. It was time for us to do something different and something that made us all happy. I think we’ve found it!

Leaving my comments regarding Sway aside…. lol How is working with him and what, if anything, have you learned from working with such an experienced industry legend?