Slimm Body- Baggies & Rubberbands

Slimm Body- Baggies & Rubberbands

Slimm Body- Baggies & Rubberbands

Tennessee is slowly becoming another hub for great hip-hop music, culture and lifestyle. While there are a slue of artists from the area making their name in the headlines, The AllGoodz Company is ready to introduce the newest force to be reckoned with from the area. That artist that we are proud to announce is Nashville’s own, Slimm Body aka ‘Wholesale Slim” and his Wholesale Ent. camp.
Slimm Body is in the new class of business polished, street saavy, independent artists making their way into today’s industry. With the typical story of most 80’s babies, Slimm was a victim of circumstance and his music expresses his rise through the ever present drugs and poverty of the southern ghetto through a particular new sound of “synthesized southern rap music.”

Slimm has a distinct rhyme scheme that is full of descriptive storytelling and he is lyrically on point. He’s on record of naming artist like Scarface, Pimp C, Dip Set, & Jay-z as his influences and you can feel that same vibration of passion driven thru all of his lyrics. You will undoubtedly feel Slimm Body’s southern, space age, unique sound if you’re a true fan of music.


As the first single off his upcoming, “The Slimm Body EP” we get a visual for a record entitled “Baggies & Rubberbands“. This song is a definite summer barbecue anthem, as we get two awesome verses over a club friendly base booming record. The Charles Robinson directed video catches Slimm is his neighborhood of Antioch, Tn accompanied by by community residents, old school whips, and of course – Baggies and Rubberbands



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