Snoop Dogg Introduces October London and Jane Handcock

Snoop Dogg Introduces October London and Jane Handcock

Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records have selected October London and Jane Handcock as the first artists to be amplified in Gala Music’s Emerging Artist Discovery Program, where established artists and fans can support talented creators who are still less widely known.

October London is a blast from the past, drawing inspiration from the soulful voices of artists like Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, and Otis Redding. October has recently collaborated with Snoop Dogg on his B.O.D.R. and Algorithm albums. His first NFT album Snoop Dogg Presents: October London – The Rebirth of Marvin is available in three Sets. Each Set will include an NFT track of each song listed as part of that Set. All three Sets are priced differently, and only a limited number of each will be available at

Jane Handcock is an R&B singer-songwriter from Oakland, CA and has also appeared with Snoop Dogg on his B.O.D.R. and Algorithm albums. She also worked with Dr. Dre, Kelly Rowland, and Big K.R.I.T. Back on March 24, she dropped two tracks from her next album: “Mad Man’s World” and “The Price Went Up” in a drop of 420 Gala Music NFTs for $250 each that sold out almost immediately.

Snoop appeared on the Gala Music AMA (link) along with October London and Ice Cube and discussed how partnering with Gala Music will allow them to make “more and more greatness” for fans with no barriers to their creativity and to expect future drops from their hip hop supergroup Mount Westmore, October, Jane, and Ice Cube in the form of songs, albums, films, comics, an animated series and anything else they can think of. October was thrilled to have a seat at this megastar table, and can’t wait to roll out more music with Gala Music.

“What keeps us up at night as artists are things you don’t really see, such as projects that get hung up by studios,” said Ice Cube. “To see something like this industry grow to allow good work to happen by cutting out the middleman is something that ultimately artists can give the fans with this technology if they really want it.”

And last but not least, Snoop Dogg, the Doggfather himself, also dropped a brand new song and NFT for a brand new song “2 Geez” which also sold out instantly and promised to drop his classic with Dr. Dre “Nothing but a G Thang” in the near future.

Music NFT tracks will allow holders to earn “listen-to-earn” (L2E) rewards in the Gala Music Ecosystem. Gala’s new decentralized node network will improve rewards for artists, creatives, and allow fans to share in their success. Later this year, Gala will empower fans to earn money just for listening to their favorite artists. Under Gala Music’s new music ecosystem, people will buy nodes and artist NFTs and be able to share in the success of their favorite artists that drop music on the platform.

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Gala Music is a decentralized world of music, built for artists, fans and supporters. With music NFT drops, listen-to-earn potential, and some of your favorite stars, Gala Music is shaking up the system to make music more enriching for everyone.

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  1. Thank you for introducing October london. ❤️ He resonates to my soul and heart. I feel his vibes from his lyrics. I will definitely see him on his tour February 23rd 2024. Thank you Snoop Dog ❤️

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