Snoop Dogg Launches New Boxing League 'The Fight Club'

The Fight Club isn’t only a movie anymore! Calvin Broadus Jr., who goes by the name of Snoop Dogg, has announced that he is taking part in launching a new boxing league.

The boxing league, “The Fight Club” was announced by Snoop and his partner, Proxima after the success of the Tyson vs. Jones event this past weekend.

“I have been involved in many events across many platforms. Saturday night, which marked the launch of Proxima’s ‘The Fight Club’ league, was in the top 5 of my entire career. We are changing the entire game; boxing will never be the same and the audiences expect a new standard now. ‘The Fight Club’ is that standard,” said Snoop in a written statement. “Ryan and I have worked together for over a decade on many things, but this takes the cake. It was like watching a Tarantino film, the Super Bowl, Rocky, and Woodstock all in one.”

Snoop Dogg and Triller (Producers of the Tyson/Jones boxing match) are partners and co-founders of “The Fight Club.” Snoop will also be the celebrity host and announcer of the events. He will be instrumental in helping to select the fighters and musical acts who will be performing. Proxima will handle the production duties, as well as functioning as the promotor and marketing partner.

“Up until this weekend, boxing was about the experience of one small group of elite individuals who attended the fight in person,” said Ryan Kavanaugh, Principal of Proxima and co-founder of “The Fight Club” in a written statement. “What we wanted to create with the Tyson vs. Jones event was an experience for all of the viewers at home, combining the highest-end production and lighting and a production quality never before brought to a fight. Today marks a paradigm shift as Triller and Proxima’s “The Fight Club” dedicates itself to delivering top-notch immersive experiences in the comfort of your home.”

“Twitter, Youtube, and the internet lit up like a Christmas tree: all of sudden our event was the Top 8 most trending and popular topics online. Everyone started to buy. It was everything we wanted it to be and set digital records. We literally saw the word of mouth create records,” said Bobby Sarnevesht, Executive Chair of Triller and co-owner of Proxima.

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