Snoop Dogg Announces His Wife, Shante Broadus, As His Manager


Calvin Broadus, who we all know as Snoop Dogg has made a statement that might make people question the type of weed he has been smoking lately.

In an interview with The London Times, the weed connoisseur stated that he has “love and respect” for the former President of the United States, Donald Trump. This statement was made after several years of disrespect by Snoop towards Trump. The surprising sentence has already thrown Snoop fans for a loop, with some suggesting that something doesn’t smell right.

The beloved entertainer told the media outlet that Trump did great things for him, including pardoning the co-founder of Death Row Records before he left office. Harris was in prison serving a life sentence for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. He had already served 30 years at that point.

When asked about his opinion of the former president who, on Jan. 26, was ordered to pay E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million in damages in a defamation case, Snoop responded by saying, “Donald Trump? He ain’t done nothing wrong to me. He has done only great things for me. He pardoned Michael Harris.”

In a press release on Jan. 20, 2021, the president revealed that he commuted Harris’ sentence.

“President Trump commuted the sentence of Michael Harris. Mr. Harris is a 59 year old who has served 30 years of a 25 year to life sentence for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Mr. Harris has had an exemplary prison record for three decades. He is a former entrepreneur and has mentored and taught fellow prisoners how to start and run businesses. He has completed courses towards business and journalism degrees. Upon his release, Mr. Harris will have a meaningful place of employment and housing with the support of his family.”

The “Murder is the Case” rapper also said, “I have nothing but love and respect for Donald Trump.”

The reaction threw some people on X, formerly known as Twitter off because less than five months ago, Snoop still had venom for Trump.

WARNING: Adult Language

Another X user reminded us of the time, in a video shot in 2017 when the “Doggfather” pointed a gun at the head of a Trump look-alike.

There are questions regarding his change of heart. Are we being duped again like his recent declaration that he was “giving up smoke” before dropping a commercial for Solo Stove?

Snoop Dogg: ‘I Have Nothing But Love And Respect For Donald Trump’

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