Snoop Dogg ‘Taking Legal Action’ Against Creator of the ‘Snoop On a Stoop’ Doll

Snoop Dogg ‘Taking Legal Action’ Against Creator of the ‘Snoop On a Stoop’ Doll

Hopefully, popular entertainer Snoop Dogg had a Merry Christmas. But, prior to the celebration, the rapping businessman was threatening to take legal action against a company that is selling a doll with his likeness and he’s not happy about it!

The Doggfather, who will be performing with Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem at the next Super Bowl took to Twitter to let the Twitterverse know that he “will be taking legal action against those making it and whoever is selling it.”

The New York Post has reported that the man behind the concept of Snoop on the Stoop has been contacted by Snoop’s attorneys. MuckyChris’ Chris Milnes, who owns the New Jersey-based 3D printing company that has sold out of Snoop on the Stoop dolls said, “I was contacted by Snoop’s lawyers and immediately removed all Snoop references from my website within a day.”

Milnes has stated that it isn’t him selling the dolls, but that others are reportedly stealing its original concept.

“What happens next was not my doing. Apparently, scam companies using my photos flooded social media with ads and took orders. I placed an order as well to find out what was going on. 100% scam from Chinese-based companies. They take the orders and disappear with your money in a week.”

Less than three weeks ago, Milnes placed a message on his Instagram account warning others that a company is scamming people if they didn’t order directly from him.

“Hello friends, I’m aware there is a Scam company taking orders for Snoop on The Stoop. They are even using my product photos! They take your money and disappear 1-2 weeks later. If you didn’t get Snoop on the Stoop directly from me (or Joseph @ Out of Step Offbeat Boutique) you can be sure it’s a scam.”


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According to Sportskeeda, the Snoop on the Stoop dolls came in two sizes. 16-inches which was selling at $99.99. The 32-inch super size doll was being sold at $199.99.

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