Queen Elizabeth Stopped Snoop Dogg From Being Permanently Exiled From the United Kingdom

Cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg is allowing fans to own some of his items via an online auction called, “The Shiznit.”

According to Variety, the Death Row Records owner has partnered with a memorabilia-authentication and auction company, The Realest (founded by producer and radio host Scott “DJ Skee” Keeney), to allow fans and followers to purchase some select merchandise from Snoop himself. The first phase of the auction has started and will conclude on June 2. There was a preview event that took place in New York on May 21 and there will be another one in Los Angeles on May 29. There will also be exhibits across various locations across the country.

“This is s**t that we have, but we didn’t know it was worth something,” Snoop said.

Memorabilia that can be purchased include items like a Death Row Records chain in a box signed by Snoop Dogg and several articles of clothing that, were either worn or owned by Snoop. Recording reels, several scripts autographed by the Doggfather, promotional items for albums and shows, and signed and unsigned photographs from Snoop’s collection.

“The items he is putting up are iconic,” DJ Skee told the media outlet“Everything from lyrics, awards — like ‘Pimp of the Year’! — unreleased tapes, outfits, sample toys, photos, scripts, concert riders, even a Snoop-authenticated smoked blunt in a crazy display case and ashtray.”

By using the same process and authentication protocol used by Major League Baseball, The Realest wants to match the same goal of fans receiving items from the artists themselves.

“Snoop is passionate about helping introduce an entirely new revenue stream for artists that is not just a typical ‘estate’ or garage-type sale of items, but from documented and authenticated ephemera,” Keeney says. “Items like setlists, stage equipment, outfits, signage, and more are things that fans desire but can’t find. It helps to build a new revenue stream for artists.”

To check out which items are available, visit The Realist here.

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