Jazz Assistant Coach Jason Terry Sued For Not Returning $25,000 Rolex

Utah Jazz Assistant Coach Jason Terry Sued For Not Returning $25,000 Rolex

A former NBA player and current coach is being sued after it was alleged that he hasn’t paid for a rented Rolex that he wore for an event earlier this summer. He supposedly agreed to purchase the jewelry and hasn’t done so according to the lawsuit filed.

According to The New York Post, former NBA player, Jason Terry, who is now a Utah Jazz assistant coach is being sued by New York jeweler Eric Mavachev who filed a lawsuit at Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday, Sept. 4, 2023.

Mavachev, also known as “Eric Da Jeweler”  has stated that Terry is refusing to pay for a $25,000 diamond-encrusted Rolex that the Jazz coach had rented for an event. That was for an event that took place in Las Vegas during the NBA summer league at Drai’s nightclub.

The Rolex was a 23.5-carat stainless steel customized timepiece.

Mavachev’s attorney Mark Shirian told The Post that Terry wanted to wear the flashy watch while at the venue. After wearing it to the nightclub, instead of returning the timepiece, he decided that he wanted to purchase it according to the suit.

So, the jeweler told him it would cost $25,000 to keep it and Terry agreed to the price, yet, still hasn’t completed the purchase.

On July 10, Terry, who was also known as “The Jet” throughout his NBA playing years texted Mavachev to find out what his bank account information was. After getting the information from Mavachev, he told him he’d wire the money on July 13, yet, no money was sent and he never returned the wristwatch to Mavachev.

In the suit, Mavachev claimed that Terry then ghosted him in a message the next day after telling “The Jet” that he never received the funds.

Terry “has not paid plaintiff the total amount of $25,000.00, which is the agreed upon value of the Rolex Watch, and has not returned the Rolex Watch to Plaintiff,” the suit states. Shirian also claims he and his client gave the assistant coach 30 days to remit payment and he never did so. His lack of action toward purchasing the watch prompted the breach of contract lawsuit.

“Despite earning over one hundred million dollars in the NBA, Mr. Terry has failed to fulfill his financial obligations and has not made the necessary payments for the valuable timepiece,” Shirian said. “We are prepared to use all available legal avenues to recover the outstanding payment for the watch.”

The New York Post says that Terry didn’t immediately return requests for comment on the lawsuit.

Utah Jazz Assistant Coach Jason Terry Sued For Not Returning $25,000 Rolex

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