LeBron James Returning Back to No. 23 for Upcoming NBA Season

LeBron James Returning Back to No. 23 for Upcoming NBA Season

The NBA’s All-Time Scorer has not only made a decision to return for a 21st season, he has announced that he will no longer be wearing the number 6 on his uniform anymore.

According to NBA.com, in a move to give recognition to one of the greatest players in NBA history, Los Angeles Lakers forward, LeBron James will go back to wearing the number of his idol, Micheal Jordan (number 23). James currently wears number 6, which was the uniform number of the legendary Bill Russell, who passed away last year. After his death, the National Basketball Association retired Russell’s number across the league. No team will be allowed to assign the number 6 going forward to any player.

In recognition of Russell, James has decided to wear the number he came into the league with, number 23. Rich Paul, James’ agent, expressed to ESPN that James decided to make the switch out of respect for Russell.

Coincidentally, James’ son, Bronny, who will be playing at the University of Southern California this upcoming season had recently announced that he was wearing number 6 following in his father’s footsteps.

The future NBA Hall of Famer famously wore No. 23 for the Cleveland Cavaliers when he entered the league because of his love for his idol, Jordan, who wore that number when he played with the Chicago Bulls. Yet, when he went to the Miami Heat for the 2010–11 season, he switched to No. 6.

Sports Illustrated reported previously that James gave the reason he previously switched to the number 6.

“Why I wear number six, there’s multiple reasons,” James said, “One, because 23 is one of my favorite numbers as well, so two times three is six. … Also, my first son was born on October 6. … My youngest son [Bryce] is June 14th, the sixth month of the year. Six has always been with me ever since I was a kid for some reason, especially when it relates to my family.”

We will see if the number change will be a positive thing when he suits up for the Lakers later this year.

LeBron James Returning Back to No. 23 for Upcoming NBA Season

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