Stephen A. Smith Rips Into Jason Whitlock Saying He Is 'Worse Than A White Supremacist'

Stephen A. Smith Rips Into Jason Whitlock Saying He Is ‘Worse Than A White Supremacist’

The feud between Stephen A. Smith and Jason Whitlock has reached a point where Smith’s response made Katt Williams’ recent criticism of fellow comedians pale in comparison.

Whitlock accused Smith of being the “Kevin Hart of the sports media,” when he started his criticism of the “Fast Take” host and stated that his fellow sportscaster is an industry “plant” who was placed at the top by ESPN and Disney. He disses Smith’s journalistic skills and says because he lacks them, it’s easier to control him. He continues to lambast Smith by critiquing his book and states, “It just doesn’t add up!”

In the episode, Whitlock accuses Smith of embellishing his life story in his tome, “Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes.”

The post sent Smith into such a tizzy that he dedicated approximately 45 minutes to tearing into the “fat bastard.” He started his show off by acknowledging that he spoke to his pastor to warn him of what he was about to do in preparation to rip Whitlock a new one. He also stated that he told his bosses at ESPN what he was about to embark on. And then he proceeds to do so.

“I mean it from my soul when I say this is the worst human being I’ve ever known,” Smith said. “I don’t know of another human being worse than Jason Whitlock. He is a piece of s**t. He’s the dude that’s going to have a funeral and ain’t going to be no pallbearers, he is the absolute worst.”

He said that Whitlock was worse than a white supremacist.

“I could not imagine, as a black man, knowing our history, anything worse than a white supremacist. That is until Jason Whitlock came along. He’s worse than them. He is the worst, most despicable, lying, no-good, fat-ass human being I have ever known in my life.”

In between his rant, he discusses instances of Whitlock’s shortcomings and even states he has a clause in his contract that says he will NEVER work with Whitlock. But, he ends his soliloquy by saying, “I hate this bastard. Not even far more than a little bit. He is the worst human being any of you will ever meet. You get within a mile of his presence, wrap your arms around yourself to protect your soul. He is Cain! He is a devil! The worst.

“That’s all I have to say. Y’all have a nice day. I’m going to go about my business. I will not speak about this piece of s**t again. Peace and love.”

Smith has promised that he will never speak on Whitlock again. His adversary has responded, but, so far, Smith has kept his word.

Stephen A. Smith Rips Into Jason Whitlock Saying He Is ‘Worse Than A White Supremacist’

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