Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe Taking 'First Take' to HBCU Alma Maters

Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe Taking ‘First Take’ to HBCU Alma Maters

ESPN‘s “First Take” is heading on the road to capture some HBCU football games.

ESPN has announced that the show will be hosting and showcasing two games from the alma mater of hosts Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe in November. “First Take’s HBCU homecoming” will take place at Savannah State on Monday, Nov. 6, and the following day, Tuesday., Nov. 7 at Winston-Salem State.

“I’ve been a part of a whole bunch of exciting things throughout my years on First Take. But this may take the cake. To have back-to-back days at HBCUs – on campus, LIVE – providing Black Colleges with national television exposure is sensational within itself, said Stephen A. Smith, who attended Winston-Salem State in a written statement. “But for the two universities to be the alma maters of Shannon Sharpe and myself…I just can’t express how excited I am. Shannon can’t wait. Neither can I. This is going to be some of the greatest moments of my career. And I know Shannon feels the same. Buckle Up! Here we come!”

According to HBCU Legends, Smith played basketball when he was a student at Winston-Salem State in 1991.

“If somebody would have told me, when I stepped on to that Savannah State Campus, that I would one day return to my alma mater in this capacity, I would have laughed. This is incredible, and to be able to come back this way means so much to me and I am so very excited. I have to thank Stephen A. for making this happen, and I have to thank ESPN and Disney for making this possible. We get to be a part of showing the world how great HBCUs are, and that is very special. We’re coming home!” said NFL Hall of Famer Sharpe who played his collegiate career at Savannah State.

While at Savannah State, Sharpe was a three-time All-SIAC (Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference) player before leaving to join the Denver Broncos after being selected in the 1990 NFL Draft.

Both games will have giveaways for fans attending and are open to all staff, faculty, and students.

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