Stephen Curry Addresses Immediate Future Amid Team Losing

Stephen Curry Addresses Immediate Future Amid Team Losing

You can sense the frustration in Stephen Curry‘s voice as he speaks about how his team is doing, which has been losing a lot recently, after scoring 60 points in a recent game and still not coming up with a victory. As the NBA trade deadline nears, he admits he can’t make personnel decisions for the team but he and his teammates as players, he states, “you have to be able to control what you can control.”

After losing the latest contest to the Atlanta Hawks, the Golden State Warriors have a record of 21-25, falling four games under .500 and resting at 12th place in the Western Conference, out of the playoff race at the moment according to The Associated Press. Scoring a season-high 60 points and losing in overtime by a score of 141-134, you can see the growing annoyance on Curry’s face.

After being questioned about the looming deadline and the possibility of getting help via a trade, he responded by saying, “It’s up to us as players to perform, play at the level that we’re supposed to so that those conversations and decisions, maybe a little easier. And, obviously, I’m not a GM, I’m not in that position where I’m getting asked that every single day. My job is to go out there and perform. The closer you get to it, it’s the nature of the NBA, you can’t be naïve and act like the calls aren’t being made or whatever it is. For us as players in the locker room, you have to be able to control what you can control. And, until it’s said otherwise, or decisions are made, like, it’s up to us to go out and perform and hold our ground as a team that’s, you know, a legitimate team that can win. And if you’re not, you approach things differently when the opportunity presents itself.”

Curry’s teammate, Draymond Green had his thoughts on the team’s misfortunes on the court as well. He stated so on his podcast, “The Draymond Green Show.”

“Very frustrating, especially with Steph having the type of night that he had, 60. The rest of us didn’t play too well. Everybody else shot 38% from the field, 8-for-38 from three, and then you had Steph with 10 threes. It always sucks when you lose a game. When you lose a game and your guy goes off like that? It’s even worse, Green said.

One thing that both teammates can agree on, as Green states, is that they have to play more mistake-free basketball.

Stephen Curry Addresses Immediate Future Amid Team Losing

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