Stephen Curry to Debut Graphic Novel Series

Stephen Curry to Debut Graphic Novel Series, Stephen Curry Presents!

Golden State Warriors superstar, Stephen Curry has been shooting basketballs on the court for years, and now he will be shooting for superhero status in his latest venture.

According to NBC Sports, in partnership with Penguin Workshop, the entrepreneur will be launching a graphic novel series. The set of books is titled, Stephen Curry Presents!: Sports Superheroes. The first book is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2024.

Curry is producing the graphic novel series, through his company, Unanimous Media, which he co-founded with Erick Peyton.

“We hope that when kids pick up the books in this series to read all about their favorite athletes, it not only instills excitement and grows their love for reading, but also inspires them to reach for the stars and accomplish their dreams,” Curry and Peyton said in a written statement.

The debut book, which will be one of four will focus on the sharp shooter’s basketball career.

When that book does drop, it won’t be his first book. Curry just released, I Have a Superpower, a children’s book that was Illustrated by Geneva Bowers. The book, which came out on September 6, was also released under Penguin Workshop, and it’s based on his path toward the NBA. From coaches telling him, he was too small to make it to the NBA and him utilizing his mental willingness to prove them and others wrong.

The book is described as “the empowering story that teaches kids you don’t have to be the strongest, fastest, or even tallest kid out on the court. So long as you have heart, any goal is achievable through hard work and determination—even without a cape!”

Curry is always trying to enlighten and uplift the kids!

In August, KRON4 News reported that he initiated a collaboration with his and his wife, Ayesha Curry’s foundation, Eat. Learn. Play. They arranged to reestablish Garfield Elementary’s school library after more than a decade with Rakuten, an online retailer that offers coupons and cash back.

Stephen Curry to Debut Graphic Novel Series, Stephen Curry Presents!

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