Stevie Rizo Releases ‘Surrender The Will’ EP

Stevie Rizo Releases ‘Surrender The Will’ EP




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Surrender The Will EP

Atlanta, GA (September 8, 2023)Stevie Rizo is following up his Christian R&B song, “Esther,” with a little more heat before summer ends: Surrender The Will. The 6-track EP reflects his promise to let God lead and use him to keep penning reflective stories. Download Stevie Rizo’s new Surrender The Will EP Here.


Stevie Rizo’s viral track “Esther,” which has surpassed 1.8 million streams and this week landed on Instagram’s top 25 trending songs, tells the story of a woman giving queen vibes and reiterates the power of women worldwide. Reflecting on his own story in Surrender The Will, Rizo learned an important lesson through his journey to faith.


“I thought my good works would make God love me more, but for that to be true, my disobedience would make God love me less, which is not the case. His love has no conditions,” he says. “This body of work signifies the peace and joy of surrendering man’s free will unto God. Allowing him to be Ruler over all circumstances.”


These sentiments are particularly noted on “Unconditional,” the first single from the project in which Stevie Rizo also released a music video for today where he raps, “I’m stepping blind as a bat / Cause with my faith I see yea / Twenty twenty, devil cunning / Bet he, try to trick you out position / don′t you, let him / He hit you with shame / You think your Father fed up / But His love never let up.”


Stevie Rizo just wrapped a Labor Day weekend performance at the inaugural HLY Summit in Atlanta. He’s featured on the “I Know God Tour” also stopping in Atlanta on September 23 and the “Jesus and R&B” concert in Richmond on October 21.


Connect with Stevie Rizo on social media at @iAmStevieRizo.


Track List

1. Let You Whip

2. Unconditional

3. Prevailer

4. Bow

5. You Know Who

6. Ruler


Check out Stevie Rizo’s new video for UNCONDITIONAL

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