Stik Figa - Central Standard Time

Stik Figa – Central Standard Time

Features Homeboy Sandman, Elzhi, Rappin 4-Tay, Quelle Chris


New Album
Stik Figa – Central Standard Time

featuring Homeboy Sandman, Elzhi, Rappin 4-Tay, Quelle Chris
produced by illmind, Nottz, L’Orange, D/Will, Black Milk, Exile, Apollo Brown

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Central Standard Time, the Topeka, KS native’s second official Mello Music Group release, is a meditation on struggles new, old, and eternal. Stik Figa’s rhymes remain intricate yet accessible, the words interlocking to create fresh meanings. Every verse displays his hard-won honesty. Though the pains are personal, the moments are strikingly familiar. These are the songs you play when you’re tired of being told to turn up.

New Video
Stik Figa – Cold (prod. L’Orange)

“The video for ‘Cold’ is directed by Morgan Cooper and is ultimately a walk through my stomping grounds in Topeka, Kansas. A town of unspoken divisions and unassuming landmarks. From my childhood hangouts to the grocery store where my mother used to ask me to run and grab cornmeal, to the corner of 11th and Jewell in the central Topeka neighborhood we used to hang out at after school. Everyone in the video is an actual friend of mine. I wanted to take everyone to the Kansas I know, hoping to scrub the Hollywood cliches of yellow brick roads, and show you the actual people who love their pit bull and car, just like you.”

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