Suppressed: Why Voting Matters and How Some People Try to Stop It | Complex World

Suppressed: Why Voting Matters and How Some People Try to Stop It | Complex World

Complex News introduces a new episode of its “Complex World” docuseries delving into all things voter suppression, including why voting matters and how policies disproportionately affect minority communities from doing so. With special guests like New Orleans Saints player Malcolm Jenkins, rapper and activist Rapsody and politician Stacey Abrams, this is one episode you won’t want to miss.


Watch as Stacey, the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate, founder of Fair Fight, Fair Count and the Southern Economic Advancement Project, breaks down the true meaning of voter suppression and what it entails. But also listen to exclusive insight from Rapsody as she shares her experience with gerrymandering in her home state of North Carolina. Malcolm also discusses his work as an advocate for criminal justice and education reform.

“There’s a reason, ya know, our ancestors put their lives on the line for our ability to vote.  And have done all of these things, our long history with civil rights and all these things, being able to vote was the number one thing that was fought for because we know that’s how we can change the landscape of the country from a democracy standpoint.”

Malcolm Jenkins


“We had to fight to even get the right to vote, ya know, to be counted.  Men, women.  As we continue to evolve and go through time with people, we realize and become more educated and more powerful, and that’s scary for some people.”



“Anytime someone has power, they are unlikely to give it up.  I mean, that’s what the entire Marvel and DC universes are about.  And so, you’ve got Thanos on the Republican Party collecting the infinity stones of voter suppression and using it to basically wipe out half of the electorate saying, ‘You don’t get to vote.’  Well, we’ve got to be the Avengers to assemble ourselves, not because we all have the same powers or the same beliefs or even from the same place, but we know that if we don’t work together to take that gauntlet back – then we are going to be erased from the history and from the future of our country.  That’s why this matters.”

Stacey Abrams


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