Rapper and Reality TV Star, T.I Goes on Rant Over The Atlanta Falcons Choosing Rotimi to Do Promo Song

T.I Goes on Rant Over The Atlanta Falcons Choosing Rotimi to Do Promo Song

T.I Goes on Rant Over The Atlanta Falcons Choosing Rotimi to Do Promo Song

The football season has started and already the Atlanta Falcons are being called losers. Yes, they did lose the football game on Sunday, but, they’ve lost the respect of football fans in the area and specifically, a top Hip Hop and reality TV personality who represents Atlanta.

The Atlanta Falcons recruited an artist for their latest theme song for the current season and caused a ruckus in doing so. Not only did they get an artist that many people have questioned, but being that Atlanta has been a hub of great musical talents in recent years, they reached out to someone who is a New Jersey native.

The NFL team went out and got Rotimi, an artist who is best known as an actor. He was featured in the 50 Cent-helmed Starz series, Power.

The selection confused many people who saw the promo, but it apparently pissed off one of the many talents who rep Atlanta, T.I.

T.I., who is also an avid Atlanta Falcons fan took to his Instagram account to blast the football organization for its choice when the team had so many viable options from artists who live and represent Atlanta. When you’re from a city that has T.I., Ludacris, Migos, Jeezy, Killer Mike, Jermaine Dupri and OutKast (Just to name a few) as options, there will be an uproar when someone outside the realms of the popular city is selected for such an honor.

That man just happened to be one Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., who we know as Tip and/or T.I.

He starts his video clip by stating that “we got a lot to unpack here.”

He is walking outside as he is speaking on his Instagram Live.

“Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta Falcons. Uh, listen, um, who in the f**k did you call, bro? Who did you call? I ain’t got no problem with Rotimi. Rotimi a good cat, man. I f**k with Rotimi, man. He a brother, he a brother, he’s an ally. He’s a brother and we f**k with him. We have so much culture, so much talent in the city, man. So many hardcore, die-hard Falcon fans that happen to be A-list talent in the city.

“I know Quavo would’ve did it. I know 2 Chainz would’ve did it. I know Killer Mike would’ve did it. I mean, I would’ve did it. I know Jeezy would’ve did it. N**ga, bruh, who approved that? Who’s sitting in these meetings?”

He goes on to say that due to that illogical move, the team is causing animosity between the organization and the fans. Stating it’s “counterproductive,” he says he reached out to his contacts within the Atlanta Falcons team. As he continues to chastise the team, he tells them that they could have called him as they have contacted him on other matters. Why not this one?

He states, “It’s gonna be a tough season.”

Watch his rant below:


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T.I Goes on Rant Over The Atlanta Falcons Choosing Rotimi to Do Promo Song

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