Tasha K Trolls Cardi B By Announcing She is Giving Away $1083

Tasha K Trolls Cardi B By Announcing She is Giving Away $1083

The saga continues.

The more Cardi B tries to collect the money owed to her by Tasha K, the more it seems that the YouTube blogger is purposely trolling the Bronx rapper in her social media posts.

The latest news about the collection efforts of Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, aka Cardi B revealed that the reported move of Tasha K to Africa has left a total of $1,083.02 in her bank accounts according to an earlier report by Radar Online.

With a recent Instagram post, it is evident that Tasha K is keeping up with all the news that the media outlets have been reporting on her. On her UnwinewithTashaK Instagram page, she posted that she is having a giveaway that totals $1083 for anyone who posts a video and tags her in it telling her what they need the money for. She states that the contest winner will be announced this Sunday live.

She posted a video of her leaving a Chase bank branch with a withdrawal slip announcing her intention to give it to someone who can use it. She claims she just got back to America after being in Africa to obtain the rest of her money. Although she states that she can use it, she has “$4 million plus other debts” but she says she feels someone else can use the money.

#ATTENTION WINOS Listen Up ! We are doing a #Giveaway for my last $1,083 💸 Make a reel and tell me WHAT YOU NEED THE MONEY FOR ! I ain’t got it but imma give you what I got 😬 Tag me in the video and use the hashtag #TashaKLive & #IAintGotIt ! I will announce the winner Sunday live on YOUTUBE ! SEE YOU SUNDAY 🥂🥂😎”

This latest social media post is sure to anger Cardi B as Tasha K is making a mockery of paying the rapper the money she sued her for.

After the W.A.P. rapper won a defamation lawsuit against Latasha Kebe, aka Tasha K, it was reported that the social media maven has reportedly been on the run as she has moved to Africa. She has not made a payment to Cardi B as she is making an attempt to seize Tasha K’s assets.

Meanwhile, last month, Tasha K was seen flossing on her social media account in the backseat of a Mercedes-Benz, while boasting that she just deposited 600 million CFA, or approximately $882,277.20, in an African bank. 

Earlier this year, BLACK ENTERPRISE reported that Cardi B was awarded nearly $3 million in punitive damages and attorneys’ fees after a jury found Tasha K  liable on counts of defamation, invasion of privacy, and infliction of emotional distress. Variety reports that the $3 million comes on top of the $1.25 million she was awarded.

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