Teddy Riley Says He Hasn't Seen Youngest Son for Three Plus Years, Asks Fans to Wish Son Happy Birthday

Teddy Riley Says He Hasn’t Seen Youngest Son for Three Plus Years

Teddy Riley Says He Hasn’t Seen Youngest Son for Three Plus Years

Legendary music producer, Teddy Riley is going through some family drama and took to his social media account to air out his frustration about not being able to see one of his children.

In an Instagram post that was published on the day of his youngest son’s birthday, the man who was the innovative musician who brought the New Jack Swing sound into fruition was saddened that he has been unable to see his son for over three years!

Riley, who was the musical architect for artists such as Micheal Jackson, Bobby Brown, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg and has led two successful groups, Guy and Blackstreet, expressed disappointment in not seeing his son. He states that he does what a father is supposed to do financially and mentally yet, singles out the child’s mother for being “evil.”

Posting multiple photos of his son as well as video, the hitmaker wrote about his dilemma on his Instagram account earlier this week.

This is probably one of the saddest days of my life. It’s my baby son‘s birthday today and I haven’t seen him in three years plus. I’ve done everything that I’m supposed to do as a father financially & mentally but because this woman have process evil way, I have to deal with the corrupted government ATL system just to see my son but that will all change. Thank God I’m a AMERICAN NATIONAL citizen and my day will come to be with my son for the rest of his life and mine. I’m being patient for that day, and when it comes I shall celebrate, because he deserves to live a great life as a Prince of a King!

“Please help me wish my babyboy “Prince Mykal Theo Riley” a Happy Birthday!!!! I love you to pieces and the battle “Ain’t Over”. #BirthdayBoy #HappyBirthday #PRINCE #legacy #globalcommunicationentertainment

After asking fans to help wish his son a happy birthday, Riley also extended a hand to fathers who may be going through the same thing and encouraged them to reach out via email to the person who may be helping him with his situation.

Teddy Riley Says He Hasn’t Seen Youngest Son for Three Plus Years

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