Tee Grizzley Releases New Mixtape 'The Smartest'

Tee Grizzley Releases New Mixtape ‘The Smartest’

Tee Grizzley releases his new mixtape The Smartest LISTEN HERE. After an initial spark with the release of “Satish” in tribute to his aunt/manager Jobina Brown who passed earlier last year, Tee started to lay the foundation for the tape. After garnering over 30 million views on the video, Tee continued to release a string of singles successfully feeding his fans and preparing them for what’s to come. The mixtape also finds Tee rapping alongside Big Sean, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Lil Keed, and Queen Naija against immaculate production by Helluva, Hit-Boy, Scott Storch, DJ Mustard and more. In addition to reflection of his own personal life experiences, the music and lyrical content on the tape also reflects the current times with songs like “Covid” ft. Lil Baby centered around the current pandemic and “Mr.Officer” ft. Queen Naija and The Detroit Youth Choir about the current fight against police brutality in the black community. Known for his knack for storytelling through his raps, Tee Grizzley holds nothing back on The Smartest stating “I survived everything the streets had to offer and now I’m living a life I never imagined adapting better than people that’s use to it.” 



1. “The Smartest Intro” (Produced by DJ Mustard)

2. “I Apologize” ft. (Produced by Hit-boy)

3. “Trenches” ft. Big Sean (produced by Hit-boy)

4. “Rap A Lot”  (Produced by Avedon)

5. “The Funeral” (produced by Helluva)

6. “Lions & Eagles” ft. Meek Mill (Produced by Cypress & Omega)

7. “No Witness” (Produced by Avedon)

8. “Picture of My City” (Produced by Scott Storch)

9. “Covid” ft. Lil Baby (Produced by Avedon)

10. “Timeless” (Produced by Hit-boy)

11. “Slime” Ft. Lil Keed (Produced by Madd Maxx)

12. “Everything” (Produced by P-LO)

13. “Double Standards” (Produced by Hit-boy)

14. “Daylight” (Produced by Hit-boy)

15. “Winning” (Produced by Avedon)

16. “Satish” (Produced by Helluva)

17. “Mr. Officer” Ft. Queen Naija & Members Of The Detroit Youth Choir (Produced by Helluva)


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