Tori Brixx Wants to Make Sure her Black Girl Stuff Reaches Entrepreneurial Goals

Tori Brixx Wants to Make Sure her Black Girl Stuff Reaches Entrepreneurial Goals

Tori Brixx Wants to Make Sure her Black Girl Stuff Reaches Entrepreneurial Goals

Some people start their career in the unlikeliest of places or not knowing exactly what they want to do but knowing that it is destined to be. Tori Brixx, who is currently a DJ, recording artist, entrepreneur, and hosting a show on the Revolt network got her career started on social media. She stated that she posted a picture to her account, and it went viral. Knowing that her posting photos on Instagram wasn’t going to be a “thing” and she needed to figure out what her next move would be so she can make some money, but it would have to be something that would be a sustainable career choice. Her grandfather used to be a DJ, so it was in the blood, and she started to DJ and went out and got a coach to help her hone that craft.

She was able to book many gigs, including Nick Cannon’s “Wild N’ Out,” a commercial with Beats By Dre that started to prepare her to work with various brands. She was also working on some music and hooked up with her manager, Monica Payne (formerly of The Gyrlz and Monica and Terri), who is an experienced executive who started out as an artist as well. With Payne’s guidance and direction, Brixx wanted to expand on her brand and Payne suggested she audition for a television show which she is on now, Revolt’s “Black Girl Stuff.”

When she appeared at the audition, she initially thought it was just a podcast, so she figured she’d just “kind of just” talk her shit on the mic. But, as Brixx explains, “When I got there, I saw how structured it was and it was very intimidating. There were so many women in journalism and radio backgrounds like Brii Renee, who is one of my co-hosts and other news anchors. I was just like; I don’t know if I can really be authentically Tori Brixx.”

But, after the producers and the production team reassured her that they wanted her to be who she is, it made her feel a little more comfortable. But, even still, she said, “It was hard. I had to learn. I had to get my confidence up.” She had to get it out of her head and not be afraid.

“I was so afraid of cancel culture. What if I say the wrong thing? What if I’m not knowledgeable about a topic? I just didn’t want to say the wrong thing or say it the wrong way. So, I just wanted to make sure that I be a vessel and I let God use me and I bring my real experience so that I’m saying things that can be relatable and show that I’m learning with you guys too.”

She also hosts the show with four other women, Akilah Ffriend, Brii Renee, Demetria Obilor and Kennedy McCullough. The crew talks about things from a female perspective and has had guests this current season like Jordyn Woods, Jozzy, Reginae Carter, New Edition, Chloe Bailey, Cynthia Bailey, and Eva Marcille. The subjects vary depending on the guests and topics brought to the show which gives the women and their guests many things to give their opinions and expertise on.

As an entrepreneur, Brixx also has music coming out as she has been doing music for several years now. With a current distribution deal, we can look forward to hearing something from her as well as her artistry as a DJ, which she states will be incorporated into the show as well.

“So I did a distro deal which is smart because you know, I got to get the numbers up first and allow people to fall in love with my music. A lot of heavy hitters in the industry already know I’ve been making music since really, junior high, but I really got serious in 2018 when I met Eric Bellinger and Snoop Dogg, and we got a song together as well. But I can’t wait till y’all hear what we’ve been working on because I took time out to be a mom for three years.

“I just can’t wait to share it and see what everybody has to think.”

But she says she appreciates having a team and with Payne as her manager, she gets to balance her artistry with her business as well as being a mother.

“But I have somebody to help me say hey, make sure that this is done or taken care of and make sure I’m on it. But even though they’re making sure and pushing you to do it, you still got to be consistent. Just be aware of what’s going on. Make sure you getting your money and you reading those contracts and you perform and you showing up.”

She has set her sight to have several successful businesses in the near and distant future, including teaching her son to also become an entrepreneur. She also wants to star in a Marvel film someday. She wants to incorporate the superhero that’s inside her so her son can see his mother as a superhero. A CBD skincare line is also something she wants to have in hopes to be as successful as Rihanna. Where she can do her music, and her DJing and still have time to have a successful venture that can incorporate her music and merchandise to go along with it as well.

To accomplish all of that, especially in a male-dominated field. But she still sees herself, even many years from now, DJing, which is still a passion of hers.

“I know my way in and out, so OK, so you know I’m always gonna DJ all the time. I don’t care if I’m old. I’m gonna still have the gift of knowing what’s hot, knowing how to work a crowd. I’m gonna always do that. So that’s not going away.”

Brixx definitely wants to be a voice for the ones who can’t speak, and she wants to make sure that the positivity she has around her is also spread to others.

“To leave behind, I want to be a positive image in this industry and be a voice that they can relate to.”

Tori Brixx Wants to Make Sure her Black Girl Stuff Reaches Entrepreneurial Goals

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