The Executive Group hosted their second annual DJ Power Summit in Atlanta, GA from January 13-15. The three-day event featured DJ showcases, panel discussions, media stations and guests from around the country.

Attended by an estimated 2500+ people, the summit was unlike any other DJ-dedicated event of the past. Panelists were handpicked music industry executives and pundits. The initiative was an overall collaboration of radio, turntable, club and mixshow DJs.

The Executive Group consists of DJ Big X, Staci Bright, DJ 3, Court Digga and Vegas.

“The goal,” said Vegas of TEG, “was to create an educational environment for those who aspire to be in the music industry.”

DJ Big X said the motivation for the summit was, “To bring all the DJs across the country together.” X, who is also a member of the Coalition DJs, recruited Shady VilleNerve and Fleet DJs to share in the promotion of the event.

“We’ll have more workshops next year and give people more options to follow their own agenda in a more conference-style setup,” Staci Bright said of future summits.

Said DJ 3: “The unity isn’t there like it should be, but it’s getting there. Our job is to work with the artists. How can we break an artist if all the DJs are not on the same page? The DJs should be unified at all times. And for an artist to be successful, they must believe in themselves, make good music and learn the business. If you don’t know the business, somebody in your camp needs to know the business.”

For more information on The Executive Group’s annual DJ Power Summit, visit and follow them on Instagram at @djpowersummitatl.


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