The 5Ws: DJ Babe

The 5Ws: DJ Babe

Originally published on The Industry Cosign

Who: DJBabe

What: and Motor City Popcorn
Why: DJBabe has been Detroit’s number one mixtape DJ for over a decade with a career that also includes on-air radio mixshows, touring, TV appearances and more. He has touched many areas of the music business from working mixshow promo and retail sales with major record labels, being on-air talent to producing, selling and marketing mixtapes that have sold globally. In addition to working with major record labels such as Univeral and Warner Brothers on mixtapes he has also worked with artist as diverse as El DeBarge on mixtapes. Now in it’s 10th year, DJBabe is the owner of and still continues to distribute titles.
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In 2012, DJBabe took a step in a total different direction by creating Motor City Popcorn, a gourmet popcorn business in the city of Detroit. Now offering up to 18 flavors, Motor City Popcorn can be found at various pop-ups, festivals and even has two flavors in  retail stores: The Motor City Mix and The 8 Mile Mix. A storefront location is planned to open for 2016.
When: Professional DJ since 1996, Popcorn King since 2012
Title: DJ, Mixtapes, Music, Gourmet Popcorn
Contact: (313) 525-6951

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