The 5Ws: Eb Jones

The 5Ws: Eb Jones

Originally published on The Industry Cosign March 17, 2015

Who: Eb Jones
What: Digital Marketing, Digital Content Production & Strategy, and Social Media in Music, Sports & Entertainment
Why: I have a strong passion to help talented people win. The internet is flooded with so much trash that sometimes it can be hard to find the athlete that has a great story that could inspire others or an artist that is innovative and uplifting. So I’ve made it my mission and business to help talented individuals get more exposure online.

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Where: Digital is global so I’m everywhere. Usually online so you can follow me on twitter @digitaleb; on snapchat: digitaleb or on instagram: digital.eb
When: I’ve been working in the entertainment industry for close to 15 years but have been concentrating on digital for the past 10.

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