The 5Ws: Jason Wiley

The 5Ws: Jason Wiley

Originally published on The Industry Cosign January 28, 2015

Who: Jason Wiley

What: Bridge Agency

Why: Bridge Agency is a constantly evolving marketing and branding company that works closely with our clients to effectively develop, communicate and implement strategic marketing campaigns for brands that intersect with current consumption behavior. With the world having a greater control of how they acquire and process information, our customized approach will present solutions that heighten relevance and deliver a more direct connection between your brand and your market. Our ideas are thoroughly researched, carefully conceptualized and meticulously executed.

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Where: Brooklyn, NY

When: Established 2013

Title: Creative Engineer / Partner

Twitter: @jwiley555

Instagram: @jwiley555

Mailing Address: 30 John St. Brooklyn, NY 11201



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