The 5Ws: Jomaree Pinkard

The 5Ws: Jomaree Pinkard

Who: Jomaree Pinkard | CEO Hella Cocktail Co.

What: Hella Cocktail Co.

Why: Hella Cocktail Co. is a premium cocktail company based out of New York. We currently produce a line of non-alcoholic cocktail mixers and bitters to help democratize craft cocktailing. Our goal is to lead the way with high-quality cocktail products that make it easier and more accessible to craft delicious drinks at home or behind the bar.  Our brand principles are clear and noble: Hella stands for 1. Bold Flavor, 2. Real Ingredients, and 3. Hospitality.

Where: Based in New York

When: Established 2012


Title: Co-Founder | CEO

Contact number: 646-267-3341

Mailing Address: 23-23 Borden Avenue, Queens, NY 11101



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