The 5Ws: Kindra Parker

The 5Ws: Kindra Parker

Originally published on The Industry Cosign July 5, 2015

Who: Kindra Parker
What: Larimar Entertainment
Why: Larimar Entertainment Inc. is an avant-garde brand consulting and marketing company providing clients with relevant innovative services and consultation sessions.  We let your creativity build the destination while we design the road map.  There is no limit to what can be achieved with the right team in place and the right strategy in play. We work with local and international clients in the areas of entertainment, non-profit, small-business, corporate and more.  When you partner with Larimar Inc., together we design an organized and effective plan to build your brand and execute your event or project while focusing on enhancing your company and/or project. As a cutting-edge company with a vast family of networks and an extensive reach, we at Larimar Inc. are serious about our craft and committed to what we do. Backed by a combined 25 years of experience in the event, corporate, and entertainment industries, we are dedicated to exposing, developing, and guiding choice clients
Where: Based in Detroit and Martha’s Vineyard
When: Established May 2011

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Title: Owner, Lead Consultant

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