The 5Ws: Leslie Short

Who: Leslie Short

What: The Cavu Group

Why: The Cavu Group works with companies and organizations to expand beyond their current culture. We help them expand their diversity, inclusion, equity and leadership infrastructure to assure they have an authentic voice and purpose. This is executed through trainings, workshops and speaking engagements.

Diversity & Inclusion must expand beyond the gender-race conversation and assure lgbtq and disabilities are also part of this discussion and movement!

Where: Based in New York

When: Established 2018


Title: Founder- CEO

Contact number: 917 627 6974

Mailing Address: 139 Cambridge Pl. #2, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Social Media:

IG: TheCavuGroup

FB: @TheCavuGroup

Twitter: TheCavuGroup      

YouTube: The Cavu Group

Linked in:

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