The 5Ws: Merieta Bayati

The 5Ws: Merieta Bayati

Originally published on The Industry Cosign March 31, 2015
Who: Merieta Bayati

What: Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author of The Girlie Girl’s Guide To Living A Fabulously Fulfilled Life!

Why: As I see how differently the world is evolving compared to when I grew up, I feel that young girls and women NEED more positive role models. They need inspiration on a daily basis! I may not be able to reach the world, but I’m starting right here in my very own community. I felt like there was so much I wanted to share with others about living a great life, being a “Girlie Girl”, loving God and just giving my perspective on many aspects of life. And behold, The Girlie Girl’s Guide was born!

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When: I started this journey back in 2009 while owning my first retail store, The Girlie Girl Shop, in New Haven, CT. So many people were asking me questions about how I started my own business while in my mid-20’s and they kept telling me what an inspiration I was to many women. This sparked the urge to write my first book, “The Girlie Girl’s Guide To Living A Fabulously Fulfilled Life!”


Twitter: @merietab
Instagram: @merietab

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