The 5Ws: Omar "Animal Steele" Barnes

The 5Ws: Omar "Animal Steele" BarnesWho: Omar Theron Barnes/Animal Steele

What: Graven Images/TBA Tech Startup

Why: In 2014 I realized that streaming services and major record labels would be dominating the majority of the capital generated by the music business. With artists making less and less income it would only be a matter of time before personal managers and A&Rs are replaced by agents and personal assistants. So I decided to leave my music career behind and pivot into my dream of creating content for the television and film industry.

I put on my blinders, went after my goal of becoming a writer/developer/producer and shortly thereafter I was able to secure a deal with a major television production company. Today I have created several reality based properties that are in development at the networks. When you’re doing the thing God created you to do you won’t be stopped.

In my spare time on the tech side of things I’m developing a fashion based online ecosystem that’s a throwback to the days when I was the head buyer at S&D’s (S&D Underground) which was an upscale specialty store in Brooklyn.

Graven ImagesWhere: Based in New York

When: Established September 2014 and April 2015

Title: CVO

Contact Number: 917.512.2678



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