The 5Ws: Patrick Taliaferro

The 5Ws: Patrick Taliaferro

Originally published on The Industry Cosign May 14, 2015

Who: Patrick Taliaferro

What: Web-preneur & Owner of — a kick ass digital design & development company, Co-Founder of — a wordpress maintenance company

Why: In my 20’s I moved to New York City, thinking I’d make a living dazzling the world with my witty repartee in the pages of various magazines and salmon colored newspapers. Little did I know that writers in New York don’t earn nearly enough to live in New York. Luckily I was savvy enough to pair my writing with a bit of HTML, and enough photoshop that I was able to carve out a niche in digital media and stand out amongst the crowd. A decade later, I have two digital companies that help entrepreneurs dazzle the world.

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When: I’ve been working in digital media for over 10 years.  My media career started as with Vibe Magazine as a writer and Online Editor for Men’s Fitness Magazine. My web experience led me to A&E Networks & Comedy Central among other brands as a project manager, eventually it made sense to start my own boutique agency, — a technology and marketing shop that specializes in creating digital products for entrepreneurs, athletes & artist.

Where:  Contact me directly at View my brands around the web at,,  If you still haven’t gotten enough, you can find me socially at,,

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