The 5Ws: Rafael “JUMZ” Pena

The 5Ws: Rafael “JUMZ” Pena

Originally published on The Industry Cosign August 11, 2015

WHO: Rafael “JUMZ” Pena
What: Levels Management
Why: Relationships. We had great relationships with industry executives, athletes, and many promoters from the nightlife in all the major cities. That also gave us visibility and opened the door for us to use our collective talents in public relations and brand consulting. Our initial purpose was Booking and PR and then the company took on a life of its own once I started consulting artists, brands, and promoters on the approach they should take when it comes to their image to the public and how they should apply that to the events they decide to put together.

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Where: Based in New York City with partners in Washington DC & Dallas.
When: Summer 2013
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