The 5Ws: Sam Aleshinloye

Who: Sam Aleshinloye

What: Documentary film Archival Producer, Researcher, & Historical Consultant

Why: Sam Aleshinloye is a documentary film Archival Producer/Consultant and Researcher. His services include researching, managing, and licensing archival footage, photos, and all other audiovisual assets. He also handles negotiating rates and managing archival budgets for multi-hour television series and feature films. Over the past decade, he has worked on programs that have broadcast on major television networks, including, but not limited to CNN, SHOWTIME, Netflix, BET, and PBS.

His first most notable documentary film work was on the ‘Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution,’ which was awarded the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Diaspora Documentary, was named top 5 documentary films of 2015 by the National Board of Review, awarded the 2016 NAACP Image Award for Best Documentary film, awarded the FOCAL International award for Best Use of Footage in a factual Film, and nominated for a primetime Emmy award.

Other select works include the WORLD Channel’s ‘Against All Odds: A Fight for A Black Middle Class’, SHOWTIME Networks documentary ‘Burn Motherf*cker, Burn!’ Anthony Bourdain’s 4-hour series ‘Once In A Great City: Detroit 1962-1964′, and CNN’s 4-hour seriesTricky Dick’.

Aleshinloye is passionate about discovering rare historical artifacts, uncovering lesser-known stories, and preserving histories.

Where: Based in New York/ Philadelphia

When: Established 2009


Title: Archival Producer


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