The 5Ws: Shaun Chambers

Shaun Chambers

Who: Shaun Chambers

What: BODYROC Fit Lab is an innovative fusion of fitness and entertainment: a signature 1,000 calorie workout comprised of weight training, treadmills, and heavy bag boxing, paired with high intensity playlists and the hottest live DJ entertainment. Build lean muscle, melt away fat, and transform your body’s composition, all in a dance club environment! No single class is the same, keeping the experience fresh and unpredictable. Come revolutionize the way you work out!

Why: Born and raised in Hartford, CT, Shaun Chambers embodies the grit, perseverance and resilience it takes to revolutionize the fitness industry. Growing up, Shaun’s passion for sports and music kept him focused and active. Following a brief boxing career and collegiate football, Shaun relocated to NYC, with his sights set on the music industry. In 2008, he was signed as a songwriter, working with numerous high profile artists. With his entertainment career at full scale, Shaun obtained his certification in personal training to inspire others to achieve their health and fitness goals. After over 9 years immersed simultaneously in music and fitness, Shaun sought out to establish his own brand: Connecticut’s Most Entertaining Workout, an intense circuit-style interval program in a dance club setting. Thus, BODYROC was born.

Where: 641 New Park Avenue, West Hartford, CT

When: Established October 2015


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