The 5Ws: Tina Lee Jones

Tina Lee Jones

WHO: Tina Lee Jones

WHAT:The GOALdigger Movement

WHY: Why Not!  With so much negativity in the world, we wanted to create a platform for teen/college girls that was positive.  By featuring different GOALdiggers on our TV Show, GOALdiggerTV, we show how these women were able to over come obstacles and still become successful.  Through our t-shirts,TV Show, App & Blog we aim to inspire!

WHERE: Based in NYC

WHEN: When I got tired of working for people


TITLE: President/CEO



The GOALdigger


Power. Passion. Purpose. is what drives The GOALdigger Movement! We are an empowerment movement that provides apparel, a TV show and an inspirational app to dynamic young women of all backgrounds across the globe. The GOAL DIGGER App will educate, entertain and engage with our audience through our many innovative features such as the Selfie Cam, our TV Show, and of course events and social media. You’re a GOAL DIGGER not a gold digger! So now that you’ve downloaded this app & lifestyle, consider yourself GOALdigger Approved!





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