The 5Ws: Tray Kearney

The 5Ws: Tray Kearney

Originally published on The Industry Cosign March 4, 2015

Who: Tray Kearney, Producer/TV Host/Writer

What: Woman to Woman Show

Why: The Woman to Woman show’s mission is to share my journey and help restore hope in Women, Men and Families after infidelity. Women are being devastated by the effects of cheating and families are being destroyed. Surveys show that 22% of married men have committed an adulterous act at least once in their life; 14 % of married women have had affairs at least once during their married lives. Women have the POWER to change the cycle of women hurting women. It starts with us, the Woman to Woman Show helps women move passed their past; live in their present, and be accountable for the choices they make for a better future. The show is all about accountability and healing.

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“If I can help just one hurt woman restore hope in one family or simply help women respect one another’s relationships, this will totally be worth my while and I will have done what God called me to do” says Tray.

Where: Based in New Jersey

When: Thursday, 8:00pm EST on

Twitter: @w2wshow
Facebook: Woman to Woman

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