The 5Ws: Yusuf Myers

The 5Ws: Yusuf Myers

Who: Yusuf Myers

What: Yusuf Myers has always been a visionary who created a brand name for himself along with being one of the top innovators in the fitness industry. He is rated one of the top trainers in North America and can be found regularly in issues of Men’s Fitness magazine teaching America new exercises and how to work out safely and effectively. As a motivator and role model, Yusuf has a unique connection with his clients that stems from his own personal journey toward wellness.

Why: Myers’ clients range from professional athletes, entertainers and executives. Though his clientele may include celebrities, Yusuf does not hold his gift hostage to be paid by the highest bidder.  Knowing his gift comes from discipline and a desire to teach others, his only requirement is that his clients be committed to achieving a better quality of life and refuse anything short of that for the rest of their lives.
In 2011, he was selected as 1 of 2 personal trainers in New York City to be featured on the nationally televised MTV show “I Used to Be Fat,” a weight loss show centered around childhood obesity.

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Capitalizing on this opportunity, Myers opened PRX (Pure Results Xtreme) located in the Washington Heights/Inwood area of Manhattan, New York.  PRX serves as the home to 7 life changing trainers with plans offered for every level of intensity.  Myers and the PRX Family offers classes from guest trainers and the 14-Day PRX program has been featured in national publications the PRX brand continues to grow into a household name.

This summer he will host a boot camp open to the public, held at La Marina

Where: 4875 Broadway Avenue, New York, NY 10034

When: 2011


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