‘The Big Homecoming’ Kicks Off June 17-18th, 2022

The Big Homecoming Kicks Off June 17-18th, 2022

The Big Homecoming Kicks Off June 17-18th, 2022

The Newest Music + Culture Festival, ‘The Big Homecoming’, Creates an Experience Paying Homage to the Rich Legacy of HBCUs

Atlanta, GA. 22 March 2022 – A new Music + Culture Festival, “The Big Homecoming” has just announced that it’s making its way to Atlanta, this summer. This two-day HBCU experience kicks off June 17-18th, 2022, paying homage to historically black colleges, including FAMU, where the two Co-Founders, music executives Maurice Slade and Amir Windom, met as undergrads. “The Big Homecoming” will be a space to experience true HBCU homecoming culture in one epic event. At the festival, on Saturday June 18, 2022, guests will be able to enjoy live performances from top-tier talent, participate in an official tailgate experience, indulge in a vendor village that includes a uniquely tailored food experience as well as an artist village that will have each attendee feel like they’re at an HBCU Homecoming.


As a continuum, the festival created the 365-impact campaign which will introduce dynamic and impactful activations by visiting multiple HBCU’s throughout the year. The campaign will host events focused on technology, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, recruitment, health & wellness, leadership development and further the legacy and pride that students at HBCUs share. This program was designed to create an impact for HBCUs consistently, and position “The Big Homecoming” to be far larger than a music festival. Some of the programs will include:


  • Providing resources and support to ensure an equitable chance amongst HBCU students and students across the world, alike.
  • Living well and having a healthy mindset.
  • Curated conversations with Global leaders to impact the students’ approach to life.
  • Learning the world of finance, investing and generational wealth… to name a few.


“I graduated from FAMU. I’ve worked in all sides of the entertainment business. In addition to feeling a responsibility to be creative in the entertainment business, because of attending an HBCU, I’ve also felt the responsibility of improving the quality of life globally, and more specifically the quality of HBCUs. I wanted to create a way for entertainment, HBCUs and impact to merge in the middle in an ongoing consistent way. What I’ve accomplished over the years in the entertainment industry and in philanthropy has prepared me for creating this festival that will ultimately feel like one big homecoming of all the HBCUs across the nation. I’m certain that this festival will be one of the greatest celebrations of our culture.”-Amir Windom, Co-Founder, The Big Homecoming.


“Homecoming season at HBCUs is a time to celebrate the history and legacy of each college and university and the creation of this multifaceted festival will become the platform to experience this all-in-one setting. “I grew up around HBCU culture. My mom and dad went to Jackson State and have advocated for HBCUs for as long as I can remember. My mom became the President at Texas Southern University. My brother went to Prairie View A&M University. I kept my family’s HBCU legacy alive by attending FAMU. Now, it’s my turn to advocate and add value to HBCUs due in part to how influential they’ve been in my life. ‘The Big Homecoming’ will not only entertain but more importantly add both visibility and value to HBCUs, shine light on their current students, alum and supporters and embody the true spirit of HBCUs.”-Maurice Slade, Co-Founder, The Big Homecoming.


This inaugural year, “The Big Homecoming” will partner with several corporations that are committed to furthering the education at HBCUs. While “The Big Homecoming” will benefit all HBCUs, the event will have official collegiate partners, as a part of the 365 Activations initiative including – Florida A&M University, Virginia State University, Jarvis Christian College, Clark Atlanta University, Howard University, North Carolina Central University and Jackson State University with more partnering HBCUs to be announced. The kickoff celebration, featuring a convocation, will be held on Friday, June 17, 2022.


Future festival announcements including artist lineup, corporate partners and more will be announced in the coming weeks.


You can learn more information at: TheBigHomecoming.com and by visiting their Instagram page @TheBigHomeComing

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