The Industry Cosign Spotlight: Ann Ruff

The Industry Cosign Spotlight: Ann Ruff

Title: Mistress of Curves

Company: Cycle Elan

Location: Atlanta, GA

If ever there is a perfect love affair, it is Ann Ruff and her love of fitness. The Colorado native was the consummate athlete before eventually succumbing to the trials and tribulation of life and found herself at a robust 381 lbs. She was determined to make her way back to the gym and recommit to her health. She did just that and then some. What were once regular work out sessions, turned into a viable business venture with her then trainer, now partner of cycle élan.

The luxury indoor cycle studio proved to be the perfect outlet for her vast customer service and extensive sales experience. She prides herself on knowing all of her client’s names and one personal detail about each of them. Not only does this business venture allow for Ms. Ruff to flex her business muscle but it is also where she fell in love with fitness, cycling and lifting in particular.

This journey has caused her to see the value in fitness for all shapes and sizes. As a full figured cycling instructor Ann enrolls all women in the conversation of health and fitness, especially those with curves.  She is known to many as the “mistress of curves” and out of this ideology, Curvy Fit was born.

Curvy Fit is series of classes that are hosted by Ann, both on and off bikes. The classes support women in embracing their curves while attending to their health and wellness. When asked why such passion about curves, she replies, “Fitness doesn’t have a certain look. It is about having the passion to live a healthier lifestyle while looking and feeling your best.” She is adamant that while it is important to be comfortable in your own skin it is equally as important to recognize the risk factors that come along with having too much body fat.

To date Ann is 85lbs lighter and her energy and zest for life are infectious. She hosts a Curvy Fit event once a month and teaches regular cycling classes 2 days a week.

Feel free to visit for class schedules and additional information.


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