The Industry Cosign Spotlight: Cynamin Jones

Cynamin Jones

Originally published on The Industry Cosign December 30, 2014

Title: Creator, Brand Connoisseur
Location: NYC

Cynamin Jones founded REVEAL Agency in 2009. Prior to forming the boutique agency, Cynamin served as the VP Of Public Relations at Wu Wear for 7 years where she served as the head of PR, Marketing & Advertising Exec for the clothing company. Cynamin played a critical role in branding Wu Wear managing to take the company on a Global level, with write ups in Forbes Magazine, CNN Money, TIME Magazine, Wall Street Journal, just to name a few.

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Cynamin established her own PR boutique, Firm Soul Pitch Media, under the Wu WearUmbrella, where she announced her first client, Super Platinum Producer, Dame Grease. As she established Grease in the mainstream media, Cynamin’s company was awarded by the NAACP for her panel participation in “It’s All About The Benjamins” . Within the hour, the initial 75 invited guests were increased to 250. Because of her niche to brand Grease to corporate, Soul Pitch Media eventually added another division and with the endorsement deal with Magix to create the first signature software for a producer “The GreaseALizer”, REVEAL was born.

Cynamin is not your ordinary publicist. For her, there is no such thing as one-dimensional focus on her clients. Besides exemplary publicity services, she has made sure they are properly branded while manifesting their accolades.

Cynamin’s client experience over the years included working with well established talent, actors, and brands which include, Wu Wear, Raekwon, Oli “Power” Grant, Dame Grease, Bridgeboise Clothing, DJ Blazita, Black & White (film), Papi Wines, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Urban Latino Magazine, Chappelle Show, and many more.

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