The Industry Cosign Spotlight: Hana Glinski

The Industry Cosign Spotlight: Hana Glinski

Title: Publicity Manager

Company: Hana & Associates PR™

Location: New York

Boutique public relations company,  Hana & Associates PR™, was established in 2006 by Essohana “Hana” Glinski.  Glinski’s agenda is to meet the demands of a globally competitive business market through patience, strategy and continual learning. Glinski enlists the assistance of forward-thinking and reputable consultants to help achieve her vision of communication on behalf of her clients.

H&A leads promotional campaigns for a diverse landscape of clientele in the art, beauty, book, corporate, education, entertainment, fashion, film, health, internet, media, music, publishing and tech industries. The company has led campaigns for both prominent brands and upstart professionals. Glinski says, “There’s a communication strategy to accommodate people at every stage of their professional journeys.”

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Glinski’s first love is writing. As a child growing up in Boston, MA, she was very fond of it, and her compositions were studied by “Women in Literature,” an elite Tufts University writers group. At age 11, her writing was published in the National Efficacy Curriculum for grades five through seven. In her freshman year of high school, Glinski partook in a Gifted Writer’s course at Harvard University. She was vocal in different student governments, and was a reporter for her school newspaper (Cambridge Rindge and Latin). She gave a memorable speech during Black History Month to Harvard Law School, which was featured in the Boston Globe and Cambridge Chronicle among others. At 17, Glinski was interviewed by Ted Koppel of ABC’s Nightline following her televised role in the play “Free Your Minds” by Cambridge feminist junior organization, the “Young Women’s Commission.” Glinski completed high school a year ahead of schedule and re-located with her family to NY, where she attended Hunter College, studying both Journalism and Public Relations. She graduated with a BA in Media.

During and following college, Glinski gained useful fieldwork experience with Fox (MA) and the CBS Early Show (NY) – assisting with documentaries and the production of broadcast news.

Commercial news forums and the corporate world was a perfect marriage for Glinski, who embarked on career-building experiences in NY’s financial and midtown districts with prominent brand agents managing the communication functions of thriving companies, and household brands.

During her corporate career, Glinski longed for more versatility and autonomy. For a year, she mapped out the infrastructure of what would be Hana & Associates PR™, and in 2006 she walked away from the corporate world as an employee, and launched her multi-platform vision of communication through

In addition to Publicity Manager, Glinski is also an Editor At Large/Editor with countless published articles printed in various key and independent publications around the country and abroad. She has edited a few books for commercial and independent release, as well.

Ms. Glinski continues to manage projects at H&A and is currently exploring a movie production assignment, which is projected to materialize in 2017-18.

H&A continues to assist in the development of unique talent, positioning them for lucrative opportunities and vast recognition.

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