The Industry Cosign Spotlight: Jatali Bellanton

The Industry Cosign Spotlight: Jatali Bellanton

Title: Founder

Company: Kids Who Bank

Location: New York, NY


‘From a young age charitable work has always been a major part of my being. Rather I read stories to kids younger than myself at the hospital or played games with elders at an assisted living facility nearby it was always those moments which engraved themselves into my foundation.

I have worked 14years in the corporate world with a heavy concentration in various finance departments while always incorporating time to give back. A few organizations I have had the pleasure to volunteer with or for but not limited to were the MTAPD’s Explorers league,  UNICEF’s Tap water project as a City Coordinator, March of Dimes runs, etc… All of these paths eventually inspired me to started organizing my own fashion shows and fundraisers working for if not alongside many high profile figures.

This book to me is something I was inspired to do after realizing that a lot of adults have issues with managing their finances, balancing a check book and putting to use concepts like wants vs needs in order to help avoid frivolous spending habits. All Lessons best learned as children if you ask me.

Now as a mother to a boy who is 17 months old I will be able to not only share the accomplishment of this book with him but as well explore the world together while sharing nuggets of enlightenment with him.

The “Kidpreneurs Wants vs. Needs” book is implementing financial literacy into the curriculum of all schools and organizations via workshops, speaking engagements and outreaching events worldwide including a book tour starting January 2017 where the 1st edition will be donated to various schools in New York City, Miami, Haiti, Jamaica, Grenada, St. Lucia, French Guiana, London and the list is still growing. This book series was created to teach children’s financial literacy in story format and spark the minds of young entrepreneurs while they learn how to create and manage revenue.’

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