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The LeBron James Family Foundation Partners With Starbucks to Open Community Store Employing ‘I Promise’ Students and Families

Los Angeles Lakers’ frontman LeBron James continues to give back to the community in the city that birthed him.

Earlier this month, the LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF) announced that it has a partnership with the Starbucks Coffee Company. A facility is being opened that will be run by James’ I Promise students, teachers, parents, and other family members. The venue will be named House Three Thirty.

The facility is designed to serve the community by employing members of the community. The employees of House Three Thirty will be maintaining gainful employment as they pursue their passions and gain job-training experience.

“The vision for House Three Thirty is to serve our families need for more work experience and hands-on job training. That extends to every single facet of the expansive space, including this one-of-a-kind Starbucks location,” said Michele Campbell, Executive Director of the LeBron James Family Foundation in a written statement. “We’re so thankful to Starbucks for trusting us to help rewrite the handbook on what job training looks like and how we can employ people for their futures. What you can expect from this location is caring and prepared team members, “be best” service, a warm and welcoming environment, and a community model that we believe can change the world.”

Utilizing the LeBron James Family Foundation’s signature “We Are Family” slogan, their reimagined training program will provide the skills necessary that will be used in career goals. There will also be an emphasis on essential life skills. The arrangement between Starbucks and the LeBron James Family Foundation will have all proceeds of sales going back to the Foundation.

House Three Thirty opens this week on Thursday, March 30 and the aforementioned Starbucks will be located inside the building.

House Three Thirty, is an innovative, multi-use space for the community to assemble and engage in immediately impactful programming. The store is located within walking distance of the I Promise School and will also feature a family sitting area as well as an outdoor patio that anyone can access.

“The opportunity to learn, work and serve my community in this incredible way is life-changing for me and everyone who works at House Three Thirty,” said D’Onjai White, Starbucks Assistant Store Manager, and House Three Thirty Team Member. “We’re looking forward to providing a whole new “We Are Family” kind of service you can only get here because this opportunity means the world to us.”

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